First Time Home Buyers Q&A
Are you looking to purchase your first home?

You probably have a lot of questions

The first step is to find out what you can afford

Speak with a mortgage broker to get a unbiased well informed strategy.
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New To Canada?
We specialize in mortgage financing for those new to Canada

We make it a priority to understand all programs and products that relate to the new immigrant financing.
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Investment and Rental Properties
Are you considering a rental property?

Contact us to provide the Mortgage Strategy that you need.
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Fixed Rate Mortgages
The interest rate is set for the entire term of the mortgage

Security of knowing exactly how much principal and interest you will be paying.
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Variable Rate Mortgages
Fluctuates with the market interest rate, known as the 'prime rate.'

Mortgage payments either change with fluctuations in the prime rate, or the interest portion of the payment varies.
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Marty Laframboise

Mortgage Associate

Why use a mortgage broker? Well, the basic easy answer is that mortgage brokers work for their client’s best interests. We are independent of the banks and can offer products from many different lenders. Not being affiliated with any one lender means that we can search the entire marketplace for the product that suits our client best. It opens doors for clients who do not fit into the traditional programs, it takes the hassle of having to negotiate with lenders out of the client’s hands. They can sit back and let us do the work and research for them. The best part of that is that our services are free to the client. It’s the lender who pays us for our services.

Let us have Canada’s leading lenders compete for your business. We work with all types of employment and credit situations. Best of all there is no cost to you (OAC)!

Mortgage Associate Marty Laframboise is located in Calgary, Alberta and proudly provides mortgage solutions across Canada.

What we offer

Today's Best Rates

2.59% 5 Year Fixed
2.20% 5 Year Variable

Mortgage Basics

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